Freight Bill Audit, Information Reporting and Freight Bill Payment Options

Don't let dollars disappear. Our bill payment options and reporting tools will reduce processing costs while our audit function will find overages and prevent accidental payments, saving your company money and giving your team more time to focus on core logistics tasks.

  • Freight Bill Audit: Our auditors match the freight bill with the bill of lading and audit charges against rate agreements, carrier contract(s), NMFC classifications, accessorials, weight, description verification and terms. In the case of electronic invoices, our proprietary software and process enables migration to Auto Rate - our lowest price point.
  • Information Reporting: Start with a standard database designed to prevent duplicate payment. Then, customize your database by expanding existing fields or specifying additional reporting sections. When paper invoices are scanned, data is entered and then verified by a second person to ensure accuracy. Your data is made available to you in a variety of web-based reports and formats, allowing efficient sales and operations, financial, and logistics planning and reporting. Want detailed accruals and reporting compatible with your ERP system? We've got it.
  • Freight Bill Payment: Once your freight bills have been processed, verified and audited, you can choose traditional freight bill payment, trust account payment or self-pay, using the data we provide.

Call us today to review your FAIR options and we'll develop a customized FAIR solution tailored to meet your needs.