Freight Audit

Our Freight Audit process starts with your carrier agreements. We store and maintain all client & carrier rate agreements in order to perform our audit services. A good audit starts with knowing our clients, what they ship and how they ship it. We analyze the contract against the carrier freight invoice and look for accuracy in billing rates, fuel surcharge, freight class (actual vs. FAK), NMFC classifications, accessorials, weight, description of items, terms of shipment (collect, prepaid, third-party), mileage, discounts, net rates, reweighs & reclassifications of freight charges.

International audit includes all this plus looking at container rates, container sizes, drayage fees, forwarder and broker fees, inland freight expenses, duty and more.

Our parcel audit service looks into the rate, zone, weight, dimensions, accessorial charges, residential vs. commercial delivery fees, on-time service for rate/service billed, and all other accessorial fees.

Are you looking at all of these points of audit?

Each year we save our clients millions of dollars in over billings and duplicate invoiced shipments. Don’t miss out on any more savings.

Where we can we automate into our electronic rating system that looks at all the same points and we do it for less than the manual freight audit process. Today we automate 75% of our audit- wow- yes that’s right!

Let us take a look at 30 days of your invoices at no cost and we’ll show you the savings. Contact us today: or 262-253-3500 attention: Sales.