History of the Company

There is something special about keeping a company in the family. It shows value and quality of service because, let’s be honest, it can be a task to be in the same room with family, let alone run a company with them. Trans International LLC is a prime example of quality service and good values within a family owned AND operated company. If that doesn’t scream quality, then I must not be speaking loud enough. I will let the company’s history speak for itself.

Founded in 1975 by Thomas (Tom) Schmitt, Trans International started as a post audit company, in a 4x6 closet of a carrier freight terminal. The company began with just one client. Trans International has continued serving that same client as well as numerous other clients in the logistics community for nearly 50 years. In the earlier years Tom and his wife worked alongside siblings and their siblings' children, from both sides of the family, to continue building the company. Although a small family-owned company, Trans International packs a mighty punch in the services and value offered. Dating all the way back to 1977, when the only two services offered were pre and post audit, Trans International has added many more services throughout the years to help clients save time and money. Services such as: Freight Audit & Payment, Logistics Consulting, Carrier Bid Packages, Routing & Rating, and so many more. They make sure each client’s needs are met for a fraction of the cost, compared to other companies in the industry.

In 1993, Tom’s eldest daughter Jaime Syring, began working with the company in entry level positions. Tom knew he wanted to keep the company in the family, so he began the groundwork to continue this legacy. Around 2000/2001, Trans International Co., converted from a C-Corporation to an S-Corporation. In the years to follow changes were made and plans put into place to allow Tom to pass the business on to his daughters. In 2003 Mr. Girmscheid, former Vice President of the company, suffered a stroke and was unable to return to his position. His duties were transferred to Jaime. Considering Jaime had contributed to varying roles within the company since 1993, the transition to a higher role was a no-brainer. She then became acting manager of the company. At the end of 2006 Tom decided to retire. During this time Trans International LLC was formed. Jaime and her sister Denise purchased all units from their father Tom. After obtaining 51% of the company, Jaime became acting President and Denise acting Vice President. 

Not only is Trans International family owned but it is also woman owned. As owner and CEO Jaime has been keeping her family legacy alive. She was honored as the winner of the Family Business Award at the Women of Influence banquet. An event hosted by the Milwaukee Business Journal, which honors local area women in ten different categories. With her leadership alongside Trans International’s team of experts, the company continues to provide quality service for a fraction of the cost. All while helping save clients time and money. Over the course of the years Trans International LLC has been busy accomplishing goals, helping clients and working on trying to further grow with US based clients. In 2008, they processed over $1 billion in freight spend for its clients, received an award for “Transportation Provider of the Year” in March 2014, opened Trans International LLC. Brokerage service in May 2014 and expanded services into Mexico and other international countries. Jaime’s younger brother, Logan Schmitt, has joined his sister as Lead Systems Administrator as well.

At Trans International the goal is to always help save clients time and money. They plan to continue doing that and more for another 50 plus years. For more information on the services offered check out or give us a call at (262) 253-3500. Become part of the family!