There’s a lot more. In addition to our freight audit and data analytics services, we provide our clients with various services to cut time and slash spending. Services include, but are certainly not limited to, consultations, claims, and portals.


You’re not alone. Our skilled logistics team can help you stay on top of current trend analysis, actions from data, rate impact studies, and assist with future forecasting. Our capabilities consist of services such as contract negotiation, advanced reporting, and more.


The unexpected happens. Rely on the superior loss and damage claims services that we offer. Claim services include, but are not limited to, putting recoveries on a priority basis, assembling all backup, and filing claims with carriers.




Every parcel invoice potentially has errors. Reduce transportation spend and save valuable time with package-level audit validation. Leverage technology and automation to identify and recover every refund you are owed.

Optimize your savings even further with agreement negotiations and enhanced reporting and dashboards that deliver solutions at the click of a button!

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Discover the best carrier rates for your shipment with our proprietary tool. Plug in your origin, destination, and other details to access your contracted rates, which can be sorted by lowest cost or fastest delivery. We put all your rates in one engine so you can find the best way with just the click of a few keys.


Get lightning fast costs for expedited freight — both international and domestic — with this customized tool. You control the outcome of the quote by comparing the best price and time to deliver; we provide the tool to bring all the quotes together in a single portal.

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